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So I'm home for Christmas break now, yay! It's been a looooong 12 weeks, with lots of challenges, both with my academic work, and real life. It's certainly taught me a lot, but I'm soooo so glad that we have a break now! Third year is certainly a challenge!
I've finished most of my work, but a few things have to be finished for January xD. I still have a portfolio of writing to put together, and one last reflective essay to write xD. I'll try to get those done sooner, rather than later though =). Anyway! Now that the break is here, I will (hopefully) be more active! I have a few pieces from Summer that I need to work on, and lots that I'd still like to do =P. I'll probably open commissions up a little further as well to offer a wider selection now that I have more time xD, so keep an eye out for that as well =). I hope everyone is well and looking forward to Christmas! =D

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Anyway, that everyone is enjoying the festive season so far! It's good to be back =D.
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(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)

What's your full name: Julian

What does your name mean?: 'Youthful' or 'Jove's child'

Do you have a nickname? If so, who gave it to you?:  No. Pierre mockingly calls me 'Julie' sometimes, but I wouldn't consider it to be a nickname, and I would not be pleased with anyone who chose to address me as such.

Does your nickname have a meaning or significance?: None whatsoever, it's just to irritate me.

Are you Male or Female?: I'm male.

What species/race are you?: I am a vampire.

How old are you physically (e.g a vampire may look 20 but they may really be 4000 or something)?: My physical appearance is that of a twenty one year old, as vampires stop ageing physically in their twenties, though it varies from person to person.

But really how old are you really?: I am three hundred years old.

Are they immortal?:  No, not immortal, not exactly.

Or do you just live longer than a normal human/creature?: I live a lot longer than a normal human being would. I also don't suffer from certain illnesses, if I fell from a 2 story house I wouldn't be nearly as injured as a human being, I would recover within hours, and I also don't age. There are ways that a vampire can die though. There are certain sicknesses that only vampires can suffer from, they're rare, but they can be fatal. Also, certain spells and potions cast by powerful witches can kill us as well.

When is your birthday?: October 4th

What year were they born?: Many, many, many years ago. (It depends on when the reader is reading the story.)

So that would mean your star sign is...?: I am a Libra.

And even though you probably don't care...your birthstone?: I believe that it's Opal, but you're right, I'm not too interested in that sort of thing.

What is their blood type? : I have no idea. I believe that vampires have different blood to humans anyway, as this is how they turn others into vampires.

Your nationality: (Undecided)

Your ethnicity: I am white.

Where do you currently live?: I'm currently residing in a city with my brother.

What is their place in society? (e.g poor, rich, middle class, royalty etc):  I was from a wealthy family, who served the royal family long ago. We've retained our wealth even today, though now we manage successful musicians, models and actors.

Do you have a rank or title? : I was once one of the Queen's advisors. Now I'm an agent....I suppose that isn't really a title, though, is it?


What hair color do you have?: My hair is brown.

What style do you have it in most of the time?:  It depends. When my hair is long, I either leave it down or wear it in a low ponytail. If it's short, I tend to leave it alone.

How long is your hair when down?: When it's long, it reaches my shoulder blades. When I cut it, it usually falls just below my ears.

What are your eyes?: I have green eyes.

Do your eyes have any powers?: I suppose you could say that...all vampires are able to use their eyes to draw humans in, but only if they want to.

What kind of teeth do you have? : As a vampire, I have sharp fangs.

How tall are you?:  5'11", or about 180cm I believe.

Do you have any particular style?: I like to wear smart clothing, it also makes me look presentable while I'm doing my job.

What do you like to wear?:  Nowadays, I like to wear v-neck shirts and sweaters, suits, scarves, dog tags. It depends on my mood and the occasion. To be honest, I think Pierre cares more about fashion than I do.

Do you wear jewellery: Sometimes. I used to wear more jewellery in the past when it was more fashionable for men to do so. As the Queen's advisors, Pierre and I had certain items of jewellery embellished with the Royal family's crest to alert people of our position.

Are you left or right handed?: I'm right handed.

Magical properties

What magical powers or abilities do you have?: I am much like any vampire, we are incredibly strong, we can move quickly and virtually silently, we are able to attract humans and manipulate them, we learn most skills very quickly, though some vampires pick up certain skills more quickly than others. To be honest, there are many skills and powers that vampires possess, it varies from vampire to vampire, it is not an exact science.

Did someone teach you to use these powers?: Pierre taught me some things, but vampires are constantly learning new things about themselves, it is really a trial and error sort of thing.

Are they a hero or a villain?: I suppose it depends on your perspective.


What are your views on sex and relationships?: It's old fashioned nowadays, but I suppose I was born a long time ago...anyway, I used to believe that sex should wait until after marriage...but after I fell in love myself, I changed my views on this, as we were unable to marry. So, I don't have a problem with sex outside of marriage, but I do feel that it's better if you love the person.  It is really up to the individual though. Things are so different nowadays.

Have you ever murdered someone?:...Yes. As a vampire, I have killed in order to feed. I am not justifying it, but this is why.  

Are you violent?: Not naturally. I suppose there have been times when I have become violent when those I care about have been harmed though.

Is there a reason for this such as a personality disorder?: I think it is in a vampire's nature to be a little aggressive. We are predators.

Do you agree with stealing?: No. Not really.

What is your outlook on life, are you optimistic pessimistic or other?: I like to think I'm optimistic, though Pierre accuses me of being a bit gloomy sometimes. I think I'm introverted, rather than gloomy.

Are you vain?: I don't think so. That's more Pierre's territory.

Are you outgoing, shy, or somewhere in between?: As I said, I'm more introverted than my brother, but I wouldn't say I'm shy.

What are your views on homosexuality?: You know, it has never really bothered me.

Are you rebellious: I used to be, in my own way.

Or do you follow the rules?: Most of the time I follow the rules, but I broke them once before. It ended badly.

Do you believe in destiny, or do they believe they control their own fate?: That's an interesting question. I used to believe in destiny, that things were set in stone, no matter how hard you try to change something....but I'm beginning to think that, perhaps she was right...that our fate is in our own hands.

How do you react/cope with rejection?: I suppose I would try to accept it and move on.

Is you always honest or a liar?: I don't think it's that black and white, is anyone ever ALWAYS honest? I try to be as honest as I can.

Are your trusting or suspicious?: Neither, really.  I call them as I see them.

Can you be trusted or are you deceitful?: I would not lie to someone I cared about, but I suppose i have lied to humans a lot.


What's your sexuality?: I am straight.

Do others agree with this?: Yes, no one has ever complained, at least.

Do you have a lover?: Yes. Sort of...

If so who are they?: She was the Queen, is that hard to believe? It surprised me as well.

How did you meet?: I used to serve her as her advisor, and as we grew up together, things naturally happened that way.

Did you automatically get together, or were hearts broken before?: It wasn't anywhere near that see, due to the Queen's position, our relationship was forbidden. At first we decided to ignore our feelings...but eventually, we decided to have a secret relationship.

What do you like about your partner?: She was incredibly smart, and passionate about ruling her Kingdom. She would always put her people before herself. She was kind, but stern, and had a soft side that she would only allow me to see.

What do you dislike about your partner?: Hmm....well she could be incredibly stubborn and reckless...she used to play with dark magic, which lead to her 'death' in the end....then again, I suppose it also saved her as well.

Are you, or have you been married?: No. If circumstances were different, we would have married, I'm sure...sadly, it wasn't possible though.

Did/does anyone else know about your forbidden relationship?: Yes, my brother Pierre found out quite quickly. However, the Kingdom eventually discovered as well.

How did they find out, were they told or did they catch you and your secret lover?: Pierre caught us, however, an evil witch, Seraphina, exposed our relationship to the entire kingdom in order to overthrow the Queen.

Were you forced to end your relationship?: You could say that...the Queen paid with her life.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?: Fifteen.

Have you lost your virginity?: Such a personal question...but yes, I have.

Did you willingly lose your virginity?: Yes, I did.

Other relationships

What are your character's biological parents' names?: (TBC)

Are your parents still alive?:

What did they do for a living?: They were the Royal Family's advisors.

Did you character get along with your parents?: Quite well, yes.

Did you admire or look up to your parents?: Yes,  I did admire them both.

Do you have any siblings?: Yes, I have an older brother, his name is Pierre. I've mentioned him quite a lot so far. I'm sorry I didn't think to introduce him sooner.

Is he still alive?: Yes, he is

Do you get along with your siblings?: Yes...well...most of the time, I suppose. We do argue a lot, but I know he's there for me when I need him.

Do you look up to or admire your siblings?:  In a manner of speaking...I admire my brother's confidence, and his strong will to fight for what he believes in, even if he can be a bit stubborn sometimes.

Did your sibling have to care for you due to the death or abandonment of parents?:  Actually, yes. We lost our parents at quite a young age, and so Pierre had to raise me.

Do you have any children?: I almost did, once...sadly, my lover had a miscarriage.

Was your child the result of a long term relationship?: I suppose so. Even though we were hiding our relationship, it was long term.

Do you have any friends?: Only Pierre really...and Megan now.

Do you have a best friend?: Pierre is the closest thing I have to a best friend...oh dear.

Did you meet your friends due to your magical powers?: In some ways, yes, though for a while, Megan did not know that Pierre and I were vampires.

Are all of your friends magical/supernatural as well?: Now they are.  Megan was human when we met her though.

Did non-magical friends become jealous of your magical abilities?: No, it unnerved her, rather than making her jealous.

Did this ruin your friendship?: It did put something of a strain on our friendship for a's difficult for vampires to live in the same house as a human, and vice-versa. However, we managed to fix things in the end.

At first sight what do most people think of you?: I couldn't really say. I think most people would say that I'm quiet and serious.

After getting to know you, is your this true?: To some extent, but I don't believe I'm as serious or quiet as I first seem. I can be both of those things, but there is more to me.

How do you feel about people in general? (before getting to know someone do they automatically think people are evil): I prefer to get to know someone first before I make a judgement.

Is anyone protective of you?: I suppose that Pierre can be when he wants to be. We only have each other, after all.

Are you protective of anyone?: Yes, I am protective of the Queen...and of Megan. I don't want sometime to happen to her like it did in the past. Of course, I am also protective of Pierre, We have to take care of one another. I would never let anyone harm him.


Do you have any talents or abilities?: I am quite good at drawing I think, and I enjoy playing the violin.

Do you have any unusual strengths? (Like a vampire that can go out in daylight): No, nothing that is unusual for a vampire at least.


Where were you born?: (I'm still deciding on location :P)

Were there any events in your past that has changed or traumatised you?: The Queen's death was quite traumatic...I haven't had another relationship since she died, I haven't been able to cope with the commitment.

Have you ever lost someone close to you?: My parents, they died in suspicious circumstances with the Queen's parents. Of course, my lover as well.  She was killed.

Do you have any regrets?: I regret my relationship with the Queen. Not only did it end her life, but it also put a strain on my relationship with Pierre.

Likes and Dislikes

Did you have an education?: Yes, as a young man from a respectable family, my brother and I were tutored as children.

What is your favourite subject to study?: I always enjoyed literature, art and music.

What is your least favourite subject?: I wouldn't say that I ever had one. I enjoyed learning.

What subject are you best at?: Art I think. I think I am a pretty decent writer as well. Although I enjoyed music, Pierre always outshone me in that department.

What subject are you worst at?: Magic. Even though we are vampires, we were required to study basic magic and potion brewing that witches may use...I was never very good at spells or brewing. If I am completely honest, the concept frightened me a little. I suppose this was my least favorite subject, if I had one, because it unsettled me.  It was interesting though!

So what is your favourite meal?: I enjoy a well cooked steak.

Your favourite treat/ dessert?: Tiramisu is very nice.

Do you like/drink alcohol?: Yes, I am rather fond of wine.

What is your favourite drink?:  All vampires will say blood...and I am no exception. I like a strong coffee as well...especially after a night of drinking.

What is your least favourite drink?: Whiskey, Pierre loves the stuff, but I think it makes him intolerable.

Favourite color?:  Green, a deep emerald sort of green.
(LeVampireCat: I chose green as Julian's main color as it has connections to luck- although he lost his lover, he was able to meet with her reborn form hundreds of years later- Regeneration- He was able to carry on with his life after losing his lover, his home and his job, as well as promising the Queen that he would find a way to bring her back to life, which also links to healing. Safety & relaxation- He tries his best to protect those he cares about, and he bring a soothing and calm influence into the group dynamic where Pierre and Megan are quite hot-headed.)

Favourite book?: I like the classics best, Wuthering Heights is a good one.

Least favourite book?: I don't like that Twilight series' portrayal of vampires.

Favourite band/singer/song/genre of music?: Honestly, I'm open to most music. What I love about this era is that there are so many genres and different forms of talent.

Your favourite place?: A quiet cafe somewhere.

Your least favourite place?: The ruins of the castle. Not that I have been there in a long time.

Your favourite instrument?: I love listening to the piano, and ever since I met Megan, the guitar, preferably acoustic. My favorite instrument to play, however, is the violin.

Do you have any hobbies?: I like to paint, write, play the violin, take long walks, at night of course...anything that occupies my time really. We live for a long time, so I'll try most things. I like to travel a lot, does that count as a hobby.

What are your strengths?: I think I'm quite loyal, I'll fight for what I believe in, I'm optimistic most of the time, and I'm persistent when I need to be.

What are your weaknesses?: I'm not very good at socialising sometimes, it takes me a long time to get over and ordeal, I think I have a tendency to be too serious sometimes, to the point where I think I'm somewhat boring...I'm also quite insecure. I struggle to get close to people.

Do you have any fears?: I...I don't want history to repeat itself. I don't want to lose any more people I care about.

Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?: No, not really. I have tried it before.

Do you take drugs, or have you ever taken drugs?: Pierre and I have dabbled in the past, when you live for such a long time, I think you tend to adopt the 'try everything once' attitude. It isn't something that I've pursued, however.

Can you cook?: I'm a decent cook I think.

Do you enjoy cooking?: Only if I'm cooking for someone else, it's a little boring just cooking for yourself.


Do you sleep a lot?: No, as we only have the night time hours to occupy our time, I wouldn't want to waste them.

Are you an insomniac?: No, I sleep just fine, most of the time.

Present and future

Do you go to school college or university?: No, I have a degree though, again, when you have as much time as Pierre and I do, you tend to find ways to occupy your time.

What did you study there?: I have studied literature, music and business.

Does you work either full time or part time?: Yes, Pierre and I are talent agents, we're self employed.

Does you enjoy your job?: Yes, it's amazing being able to help people realize their dreams!

Your views

Is your character different now than when your first created them?: Yes, quite a lot actually. Although he's quite serious,  I've made him a little less so. I'm also trying to strike the balance between making him sound wise...but he still has to come across as a twenty one year old as this is how he'd have to portray himself to humans he meets. I've also developed his relationship with Pierre. They used to be best friends, but I decided to make them brothers to make their bond stronger, I thought it would be interesting to play on this, especially when Megan's character is introduced into their dynamic.

Do you like your character?: I think so, I still need to develop him a lot, but I like him so far.

Do you think you would get along with your character if they were real?: Yeah, I think we would.

What would your character's soundtrack be and why?(list as many songs as you like  ):

If you feel like it, write a character bio, include whatever you like about your character: This is probably important as in some ways I think his answers are kind of elusive :P. His history is still a work in progress. His story takes place in the same universe as my witch, Alexandra's story (if you're familiar with her xD). So I have to give a bit of history about their universe in general before moving on to his story.

Originally, everyone was born with some kind of magical ability, as some kind of magical being. Witches, wizards, vampires, fairies, shape-shifters, werewolves, necromancers, these and more. However, as time went on, there were beings born without powers. A small number at first, but they felt vulnerable and resentful of the magical beings, and decided to create a separate society from these people, only marrying others without powers, and therefore more children without powers were born. As the powerless people's numbers grew, the two groups grew resentful of one another, and fights started to break out. In order to put an end to this, the leaders of the magical beings, and the leaders of the non-magical beings agreed to coexist with one another in a bid to bridge the divide. However, certain magical creatures grew greedy, wanting the war to grow in order to diminish the amount of people with powers, they wanted to be special, to be all powerful and revered. These cruel beings decided to stir things up by starting rumours that the magical beings were trying to exterminate the non-magical beings. This all happened over a long period of time, and the non-magical beings created an army in secret. They knew that without powers, they would not be able to defeat the magical beings should a war such, after many years of preparation, of developing weaponry and technology, the non-magical people waged an unexpected war upon the magical beings. Many were lost on both sides, but in the end the magical world fell to its knees. Many magical beings went into hiding, pretending to be powerless in order to escape execution. As time went on, the remaining magical beings managed to integrate themselves into the non-magical society. They married non-magical beings, and eventually, the magic in the world grew weaker, and weaker, until it was nothing more than a myth. Of course, there were stories of people with powers, supernatural abilities, but who would believe such a thing?

Julian was born a vampire, at a time when magical beings were still around, but their numbers were diminishing, and tension was high between the two groups. He came from a long line of vampires, who had served the vampire monarchy. The kingdom had once been home only to creatures of the night, though all were welcome, however, the numbers of non-magical beings in the kingdom had increased, and the kingdom was in a state of tension. The Kingdom's rulers were attempting to fight for co-existence, and the non-magical subjects tolerated this. Julian and his brother Pierre were learning to serve the heir to throne as her advisers, however, their parents and the King and Queen at the time died suddenly of a mysterious illness, thought to be an illness that was fatal only to vampires. Pierre was eighteen when they died, and Julian was twelve. The Kingdom was thrown into a state of uncertainty when the heir to the throne, the princess grew ill also, and suffered with her illness for many years. She was eight when her parents died, and she struggled with her illness until the age of fifteen, when Pierre was finally able to administer a cure. During the time of her illness, Julian and Pierre cared for and trained the young princess in her parents' absence. Pierre took on the role of the monarch until the princess's thirteenth birthday, and as such had less time to spend with her than Julian. During this time, Julian and the princess grew very close, and although he served and tutored her, the two became best friends, having both lost their parents under the same circumstances, and not having anyone else their age to socialize with. The princess ascended the throne, and became Queen at the young age of thirteen. As such, she relied even more heavily on both Julian and Pierre as her advisors due to her young age and lack of experience. At fifteen she grew fatally ill, and this only strengthened her bond with Julian, as he was the only person who could cheer her up, and he gave her courage at this time. The Kingdom began to fall apart in anticipation of the Queen's death, and the outrage among the non-magical people only grew when Pierre discovered, and administered a cure to the Queen. Upon her recovery, she was forced by the leaders of the non-magical community to make a decision about her future as Queen by her sixteenth birthday, or face war. She could either marry a non-magical Prince who would take over her role as ruler of the Kingdom, or renounce her right to marry and have children, in order to maintain her role as soul monarch. Either way, her family's line would die with her, as she would be unable to produce an heir, and if she were to break this agreement, a war would ensue. Wanting to fight for the kingdom her ancestors had spent so long building, as well of the rights of the magical people still living in the kingdom, she chose a life without marriage or love in order to continue caring for her people. The Queen's official coronation took place on her sixteenth birthday, and a period of peace followed in which the Queen was able to rule freely without the hindrance of her illness. Julian and the Queen spent a great deal of time together over the following years, and Julian realized that he was developing feelings for the Queen. Pierre was the first to realize this, and scolded him, reminding him of the Queen's pledge, it would be bad enough for the Queen to have a relationship with her advisor anyway, but given the circumstances, it would be incredibly dangerous. After a royal ball in which Julian and the Queen share a romantic dance, she confesses her own feelings to Julian, telling him that she knows she shouldn't be telling him, but she's tired of having to hide her feelings. He admits that he returns her feelings, however, after discussing it, the two decide that they must not act on their feelings, and must continue as things are in order to maintain the peace within the Kingdom. Not long after the ball, an assassination attempt on the Queen's life occurs, after which the Queen kisses Julian, telling him that she realizes that she doesn't want to die never having experienced true love. The two begin a relationship in secret, and after another attempt on the Queen's life, she starts to get involved in black magic in order to find the secret to immortality, not wanting to die and leave the Kingdom without a monarch. Julian is uneasy about this, as he finds the concept disturbing, and doesn't trust witches, as he suspects that they are the ones who poisoned his and the Queen's parents all those years ago. However, the Queen continues to research resurrection and immortality despite Julian's protesting. All the while their relationship continues to develop in secret, and Pierre catches them kissing one night, discovering their relationship. He grows furious, worried about Julian's safety, and threatens to expose the Queen while keeping Julian's identity a secret. The Queen also grows angry as Pierre accuses her of not really caring for Julian by putting his life at risk with their relationship. Pierre walks out, and in the end, Julian has to chase after him and calm him down. In the end, Pierre agrees to keep the relationship a secret, but warns Julian to end the relationship or suffer the consequences. Eventually, the Queen fell pregnant. It poses a problem at first, and Pierre suggests asking the witches to get rid of the child. However, Julian protests, not trusting them, and the Queen refuses to kill her own child. The three decide to hide the Queen's pregnancy behind the facade of an illness which prevents her from making public appearances, and make a plan to pretend to find the child and take it in. However, after the Queen's doctor, Adina (a witch) grows suspicious, the Queen's pregnancy is revealed, and the non-magical people, lead by a witch in disguise names Seraphina, wage war on the Queen. The stress of the situation causes her to lose the baby, putting strain on Julian and the Queen's relationship. As more assassination attempts occur, the Queen continues to dabble in dark magic, and eventually comes with a plan. She performs a spell and drinks a potion, revealing to Pierre and Julian that should she be killed, her soul will be released from her body, and reborn elsewhere, and that they will be able to find her again if this happens. The brothers are sceptical, but agree to do so in order to ease the Queen's fears. She gives them the notes that accompany the spell as instructions in case this happens. The non-magical beings eventually manage to infiltrate the castle, destroying it, as Julian, Pierre and the Queen flee, deciding to hide and start a new life elsewhere. However, the kingdom is in chaos and the trio are separated along the way. The witch, Seraphina, takes the Queen's life herself, not bothering to chase Julian and Pierre as they have no claim to the throne.  The brothers find the Queen's body, but realize that something is not right, that she is not dead. After inspection of the Queen's notes, they discover that she has performed the spell incorrectly, and as such, only half of her soul has been released due to her death, and in order to fully revive her, they will have to retrieve that half from the person who is reborn with it. The brothers vow to do so, and go off on a journey to find their reborn Queen. After many years of searching and researching the spell, they realize that the reborn person will have to die in order to fully revive the Queen, and as such, decide to stop the search.

The two spend their time travelling, learning, exploring, in the back of their minds wondering if they may still come across their reborn Queen.

In the present, the brothers are now working as wealthy and successful managers of musicians, models, and actors in the city. The incident all those years ago has brought the brothers closer, though Julian's difficulty in developing new relationships frustrates Pierre to no end. Due to their celebrity status, Pierre attempts to convince Julian to attend parties and enjoy himself, however, Pierre prefers to be alone. He is not unhappy, rather than introverted. He prefers to explore museums and art galleries, rather than attending celebrity parties.
It is at a cafe that he runs into waitress and aspiring singer-eighteen year old Megan Noir, who bears a striking resemblance to the Queen. The two get to know one another over a few weeks, and upon realizing that Julian is a famous manager, Megan asks him to listen to her sing at the cafe one night. He agrees. Realizing that she is incredibly talented, he is torn between helping her to make her dreams come true, or luring her into the past in a bid to revive his lost Queen. He tells Pierre, and the two decide to take her on as a client, and offer her a place to live in their apartment, in a bid to fulfil their promise to the Queen. However, as the brothers get to know the girl, and she shoots to stardom, they realize that their decision may be more complicated than they first envisioned. Megan discovers the secret basement in which the Queen's body and records from the past are still kept. Pierre discovers her down there, and she demands that he explain what is happening or she'll call the police. He concedes defeat, and he and Julian explain everything to her. Terrified, she flees, only to be hit by a car and fatally injured in her haste. Unable to cope with her loss a second time, Julian makes her a vampire, reviving her. Filled with uncertainty due to her new powers, Megan is forced to stay with Pierre and Julian in order to learn how to live as a vampire. She declares that she hates them, and will leave or kill them as soon as she is able to do one or the other. Feeling guilty for ruining her life, the brothers swear not to go through with their Queen's wishes. Slowly, Megan starts to trust the brothers again, and forms relationships with them both, even falling for one of them. However, when she falls ill mysteriously, she is forced to decide whether to sacrifice her life in order to revive the Queen, or try and fight as the brothers search for a cure for her. Julian is terrified of the past repeating itself due to the similarities taking place.

...Sorry the story is so long ^^''' it needs a LOT of work. I know there are plot holes and continuity errors galore, but I just wanted to get the plot down on paper for the first time :').
LVC OC Meme Julian
Well THIS file didn't want to upload properly wanted a preview picture, then it ONLY uploaded the picture ¬_¬...anyway.

I haven't filled one of these out in AGES. I've really been wanting to work on my OCs lately, since I've had some ideas for crossovers between two of my stories x'D. 

This is a change from how I usually fill these things in, because I usually write about them as characters, whereas I've answered the questions IN character this time =) (Smile)...except for the HUGE story at the end Sweating a little.......sorry about that >.>; don't have to read it, it's more for my own records =P (Razz)

Oh! Important information- He refers to the 'The Queen', because I haven't named her yet Sweating a little.... She was originally named Megan, just as her reincarnation is, but I decided that I'd rather give her a different name.

Julian is a character I've had in my head since I was about fifteen or sixteen, I rarely draw him, but he plays a huge part in my story 'It's in the Blood'...which is a working title for my story focussed on my character, Megan Noir.

Briefly, he is a vampire who has been alive for 300 years. He used to serve the Queen as her advisor until the two fell in love, breaking an agreement the Queen had made when she took to the throne. The Queen was killed after her pregnancy was discovered, and he and his brother Pierre spent a long time searching for her reincarnated form. They eventually gave up, and in the story, set in the present day, the brothers are Managers who help musicians, actors models, and the like to realize their dreams. Everything is pretty normal...until he comes across Megan Noir, a girl who resembles the Queen. 

The story itself is still VERY sketchy Sweating a little... and needs a lot of work, as does Julian as a character. They've both developed a lot since I first started thinking about the story, but I realize that they still need to be developed a lot =) (Smile)

Blank OC Meme-  Levampirecat's OC meme

Links to Other Characters- (I need to update BOTH of Megan's Bios xD but these are just for reference. They will contradict this meme since I wrote them so long ago x'D)

Pierre (Julian's older brother) - No character profile available

The Queen (She needs a new name Sweating a little...)- LVC OC meme Queen Megan

Megan Noir (Client of his company who becomes a close friend)- LVC OC meme Megan

Seraphina (A witch who is responsible for the war and for the Queen's death)- LVC OC meme Seraphina
Adina (A witch who was monitoring the Queen's pregnancy, only to reveal her secret)- LVC OC Meme Adina

Julian, Pierre, Megan and the story © me :iconle-vampire-cat:
A Kingdom of Isolation by Le-Vampire-Cat
A Kingdom of Isolation
I usually can't stand crossover pairings, but I happen to like these two a lot for various reasons =)
I got the idea to draw something like this while watching ‘Rise of the Guardians’ the other day, when Jamie’s mom says something like ‘you don’t want Jack Frost nipping at your nose.’ Well…what if Elsa does? :|

I'm really happy with the way the ice turned out =D. It was really difficult to get right, and took forever x'D. 

Pose ref- Sailor Eskimo Kisses

Jack Frost © Dreamworks
Elsa © Disney
Picture © me :iconel-vampire-cat:
Older Kairi by Le-Vampire-Cat
Older Kairi
I took a short break from the Kingdom Hearts work on another Kingdom Hearts picture I'm sorry x'D the characters are really fun to draw!!! Those outfits... ANYWAY. I had intended to draw older Kairi back in...January or February when I was drawing the others in slightly older forms, but I lost interest in drawing them all and never got around to it xD. Anyway, I'm making up for it now! So here she is!

I took the pink dress from KH2 and kept that, but more or less ditched the white shirt/dress (I never was sure which) that she wears underneath. Instead of being zipped up at the bottom of the skirt, all three zips are unzipped and she has a more floaty skirt underneath. I got the feeling that the shape of her dress would make it hard to move in? I have a dress that's a similar shape, and it can be a little restrictive movement wise...that's why I thought unzipping it a little would allow her to move more freely not that it matters too much. You can't really see it, but I also kept her belt with the little attachments and the side bag xD. Of course she still has her necklace, and the hood still attaches to the dress, however I decided to add some shoulder guards similar to the ones Sora has...I like to think she's going to fight alongside the guys, so they might be useful xD. She has some upper-arm length glove-type things, with some shorter fingerless gloves on her hands (again, much like Sora's). I was going to give her some boot/wedge type shoes (Like I gave Riku in this picture-Fem!Riku) but they didn't looks right :/ I settled on..yes...more legwarmers! Again, based on her shoes with the bows and things. 

Her hair is a but longer, that will be clearer to see when I ink it xD. As for her keyblade....oh my gosh...dat keyblade :|. The blade part ended up being too big, but  I just....I don't even care x' was even harder to draw than Riku's AND Roxas'. I just hope she can kick butt with that thing, what was Riku thinking when he gave that thing to her? :|

ANYWAY! Long explanation is...too long ^^'...enjoy!

(Sorry for the poor quality btw, my scanner is eating sketches for breakfast at the moment O_o)

Pose ref- Magical Girl Staff - Pose Reference

Sketch-Older Kairi sketch

Outfit & Keyblade refs-……

Kairi © Tetsuya Nomura
Picture © me :iconle-vampire-cat:
Fem!Xemnas by Le-Vampire-Cat
Finished x'D

The series continues with the leader of Organization XIII...but as a woman xD. I wanted to draw Xemnas' final form to try and spare my black coloring pencil when I have to color all of these x'D...the pattern was a total pain though haha. I cut the sleeves off the coat because...I wanted to? xD I wanted to show of Fem!Xem's muscles =P She's still a force to be reckoned with xD.

Nothing else to add really xD...except that I haven't drawn Xemnas in a loooooong, long time, so this was strange xD.

Pose Ref- Sailor Sakky with Swords 2

Xemnas © Tetsuya Nomura
Picture © me :iconle-vampire-cat:
Fem!Axel by Le-Vampire-Cat
Finally finished Fem!Axel! Actually, she's been colored for ages, I just haven't had time to edit her xD. 

They just keep going xD. In truth, I didn't have to do too much to Axel, since the organization all wear black coats and all xD. I softened his/her hair a little, and made it curve slightly instead of giving her straight spikes to make it look a bit softer and more feminine xD...that's...pretty much it xD. Colored version to come eventually. Enjoy!

Please don't talk to me about the chakrams...I know they're wrong x'D....

Pose ref- Double Blade - Pose Reference

Axel © Tetsuya Nomura
Picture & design © me

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